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08/10/16 by Regina Allemand

Wish List Wednesday

What are you looking for in a Home?  Check out my website to see EVERYTHING Available!  More >

07/18/16 by Regina Allemand

Magic Monday!

What a Difference Power Washing Can Make! Which house would you want to Buy?  Sellers can do themselves a huge favor by taking time to have their homes, driveways and sidewalks professionally Power Washed.  Often times people concentrate on the interior and forget about what passer-byers see First!  Even if you are not in the market to Sell - Give your home a... More >

07/15/16 by Regina Allemand

Freaky Friday's

ICYMI: No More Flood Insurance Hikes   Louisiana Realtors - Going to Bat For YOU!!   2016 National Association of REALTORS® Insurance Committee Vice Chair, David McKey, was invited by Senator Vitter to testify before the United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in a hearing titled “No More Hikes: Small Business Survival Amidst... More >

07/14/16 by Regina Allemand

Town Talk Thursdays

Amid the green peppers, eggplant and cucumbers growing in the Howes’ backyard garden is the secret to their success of reaching their 65th wedding anniversary on Friday (July 8).   This Luling couple has lovingly cultivated their relationship for years with the same care and devotion as their prized garden, and its bounty is displayed in their “Hall of Frames”... More >

10/26/15 by Regina Allemand

Messy Monday's?

Week-end is done and Monday's sometimes feel a Mess! 5 Ways to Organize Your Monday! 1.  "Plan" your Week on Sunday night and what you hope to accomplish on Monday! 2.  Interruptions Will Happen!  Don't over Schedule - even Schedule them in! 3.  Be Ambitious start Monday with the "Biggie" - get that big-a-boo out of the way early in... More >

10/22/15 by Regina Allemand

Where to Lunch in Luling-Area!?

I Love to "Do Lunch"!  Whether with the Girlfriends, Clients, or Co-Workers - "doing lunch" in the Luling-Area can be a tasteful culinary experience while enjoying the local flavor of food and people!  Here are my Top 5 favorites; 1.  Iron Gate - Hwy 90 - Boutte 2.  Zydeco's - Hwy 90 - Boutte 3.  Mariano's - Hwy 90 - Luling... More >

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